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Control-Pro training of securitiy personnel


The training of professional security personnel in accordance to the highest international standards is the fundamental basis for the successful work of Control-Pro in all the different areas of civil security service.

Concerning instruction and training of members Control-Pro cooperates with one of the most renowned Security Academy worldwide. The ISA/ISS (International Security Academy) as one example, trains elite security personnel for worldwide missions since the 1980s.

The precarious situation in crisis areas demands a top performance of the deployed security personnel. This is reflected in a wide range of experiences - especially the management of crisis and violence situations. These experiences build the basement for all Control-Pro employees and partners concerning planning, operations, instruction and training of specialised security personnel.

The above mentioned long lasting experience of the training supervisors in many crisis areas guarantees the highest level of professionalism and of course applicability in practice.

Also in Austria Control-Pro plays an active roll concerning the training and instruction of highly qualified security personnel. Here the emphasis is put on the training of event-security and surveillance personnel rather than on professional executive protection or transport security. The instructors of Control-Pro create the basis for a responsible training in corporation with the local government, experienced psychologists and members of the executive authority. Training topics include first-aid, fire prevention and self-defence that meet the requirements of real life situations. Further contents are for example the legal principles for private security personnel.

The experience of the Control-Pro members and their partners, the adaptation of working techniques and strategies, and the inclusion of special European needs and the Austrian legal system assure appropriate and effective measurements for the growing needs in the field of civil security.

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