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security service & private Investigation services


  • governmental organisations & authorities
  • companies & event managers
  • executives & private persons


  • executive protection &
  • integrity & privacy protection
  • protection of property holdings (assets)

Control-Pro Ldt. is an European based security and investigation company.

More than 20 years in the security and intelligence industrie, Control-Pro has associates in almost every country in Europe as well as the USA and the middle east, supporting our headquater in intelligence, investigation and close protection services.
Concerning the different situations in almost every country europewide regarding working,- and weapon licenses, this day to day cooperation with our colleges is absolutely essential to offer serious international services.

Hiring a fully licensed European company, with the highly effective experience and operational background from our Israeli and east european associates, gives our clients the predictability of legal decisions as well, as the highest standard of professional outcome.

Our successful cooperation with middle east clients and servicepartners last already since 1998. Both, in the protection service and the investigation department too.

In the close protection service we accumulated in the last years more than 8.000 manhours every year. On various risk levels, and in more than 15 countrys.

Our services in the security field;
- Operational close protection services
- Providing of the full planning, transport and communication services
(incl. encrypted com)
- Training of security personel
- Training and drill of employes and existing security teams on various levels.

The business intelligence and investigation services are the fastest growing market in our portfolio.
We assist companys, privat clients and investors in various fields:

- Market analysis beyond the “paper based” situation
- Detailed pre recruitment background checks
- International divorce cases
- Tracing missing or hiding people
- Retrieving missing kids
- Fraud and abstraction investigations
- Patent infringement and trademark law investigations
- Negotiations and interventions

A solid information background is the base for any decision … let us find out – the real story behind.

Johann Fesl, founder and CEO of Control-Pro Ltd.

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